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  • Proof-of-Concept Sample
  • Concept Design
    Industrial design concept
    Industrial design concept

    Concept Design

    • Aim: To explore range of likely design solutions with regard  to form, function and manufacturing requirements.
    • Requirements: Speed; Expertise in key technologies; Expertise in manufacturing processes.
    • Client Inputs: The product idea. Likely production quantities  and cost targets. Required product features. Known standards or regulations  that apply
    • Relevant MPS Skills and Tools: Industrial design, product designIndustrial design concept, manufacturing experience
    • MPS Outputs: Sketches of likely designs showing form and function  of the design. Sketches illustrating likely details to meet key design issues.  Full sized form model may be produced to give an early feel for the preferred design
    • Client Reviews: Selection of preferred design concept, or preferred  elements from the range of design concepts; Client approval required prior to  proceeding to the following stages
  • Detail Design
  • Photo Render
  • Prototypes
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