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In many instances, the initial information of likely production quantities for a part will determine the appropriate manufacturing process. The part is then designed to suit the process. The process, part design, production quantity and cost target will determine the appropriate source. Typically MPS make low quantity (say 1 to 100) items in Australia and higher quantity items (say 1,000 or more) in China. We take a similar approach to finished products assembled by MPS. Low quantity or high technology items are assembled and tested at MPS. Higher quantity products are more likely to be assembled and tested in China.

Maries Production Services has its own subsidiary company based in Shanghai as well as long standing relationships with a range of  small-to-medium Chinese companies specialising in one or more of the processes and materials illustrated on other pages of our web site.

With this organisation, we are able to offer:

  • very competitive pricing,
  • production flexibility,
  • multiple ways of tackling your challenges (in many instances),
  • small, medium or large production runs to suit your market and budget,
  • quality assurance checks conducted in both Shanghai and Melbourne (independent of the factory making the parts)
  • a nominated Chinese source where required for regulatory reasons

We operate regular delivery services from Shanghai to Melbourne and we are also experienced in delivery to ports and locations in other countries. Generally, deliveries to Australian destinations are supplied on a Free-Into-Store basis for the convenience of our customers. Deliveries to other destinations are usually made with Customs & Freight paid by us (ie. All charges to the destination  port are included in our prices), making the client responsible for local customs and freight charges levied at the destination port.

Our most common method of delivery is by sea freight, due to its low cost and reliable service. Faster deliveries are achieved by using international air express delivery services. Air express is normally used to supply Off Tool Samples and other time sensitive deliveries.

Regardless of the sources and processes used, we want our clients to feel in control of the production system. To this end, we  supply Off Tool Samples or first production samples for client approval prior to commencement of volume production. We also operate a process of continuing product improvement with client feedback documented and reported to the factory, anticipating that it is always possible to find ways to improve products or production processes, and we seek client participation in this system.

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